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Aah..Youth! Young artists from Kazakhstan/ Viennafair
Dates: 09 Oct 2013 – 13 Oct 2013

“Ahh... Youth!”* - is an exhibition of young artists from Kazakhstan, who work in the country and abroad. This new generation of artists is small in number and not sufficiently supported by art institutions in Kazakhstan. There are only a few artists who have an opportunity to study art disciplines in European institutes, where the level of education is more advanced and efficient.

One of the main goals of this exhibition is to visualise the questions that young artists are concerned about, the way they approach it and the way they see their future.

Ahh.. Youth! - is a reflection on the traditional society’s criticisms of contemporary artistic practices, which are neither accepted nor ignored in Kazakhstan. Mainly contemporary artworks are criticised being compared to traditional paintings and not being accepted as a new way of art visualisation.

By organizing this exhibition IADA is trying to give them a chance to get exposure within international art community and to be seen by art professionals and collectors. Providing this small window of opportunity, IADA is hoping that the project will be a motivation for other young artists to continue working in art. A lot of them are confused after finishing their studies, frequently changing their careers for more stable jobs.

IADA is committed to support and inspire artists in their creative experiments.These young souls are full of hope, dreams and curiosity of discovering and creating new forms of contemplation and beauty.

Sponcored by OMV in a specail project Diyalogue: New Energies, curated by Gaisha Madanova

This show is a freedom of expression, emotions and state of beings.

Presented artists:

Gulnur Mukazhanova

Ada Yu

Bakhyt Bubukanova


* “Ah... Youth!” is a title of Mike Kelly’s work 1991