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Accidental Project
Indira Dyussebayeva
20 March 2016


Accidental Project – consists of three paintings “The Romance, The Argument, The Murder”.

The work was created simultaneously at the same time.


The Romance


The artist was exploring the 3 stages of relationships as a story telling “Beginning, Middle and the End”


The Argument


        The experiment reveals three different techniques used in three different pieces.

              Although was done at the same time using one shared colour pallet for all three, the paintings

look very different from one another due to difference in the subject matter. 

The pieces were destroyed and whitewashed 3 days after the experiment. They no longer exist.


The Murder


“To me an accident is something that has to happen in a very short time and leave no trace behind…

unless it’s something ground breaking”- Aza Shadenova

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